Software Updated to Version c09727b1..

Software Updated to Version c09727b1..

Installed software version has changed from ee233f78.. to c09727b1..

c09727b1 Update readme
6668e103 Add some comments
740680a9 Add 'flush' option to ProcessTextFile(), route to IndexTextFile('flush')
6e00a177 Store sqlite schema version
d0e55745 Allow underscores in hashtags
fa8130a0 chain.log: if chain is broken, break it off and make a new one
deba608e If both js and php are disabled, generate disabled profile page
f321d09c Add <br> between items
7c0580f8 Remove old unused tokens, which can be replaced by new token parser
8c88b893 Add todo in
b3315049 Fix removing of avatar cache for "my name is"
ebbc7119 Allow apostrophe in "my name is" names
08174d02 Improve output of
9028bc5d Add to doc/
d3c900e2 Add More link to item-small and item-smaller
da5bae19 Add eol to write.js
05ac608f Disable "page has changed" after write page is submitted
d843cb6c Integrate new makeCoin() method
06a78880 Add newA function
4a9585f0 Improve hints on profile page
0c98a61e Fix ` button on netscape keyboard
427e28e6 Hide non-functional input box on netscape keyboard
c4064ebc Integrate SSI-based clock
35bcf91e Remove dead code
48c400de Add some comments in
61dacf5e Add some comments in
7b2b4f06 Add things to contrib/
a96704c2 Improve coin.js
24c79fa5 Improve keyboard links on Write page
51509488 Set write form to have action=_top so that keyboard goes away after sending message
88354a0c Add condition for when profile page is disabled
fd11bf3f Update readme
f5b30f74 Headers on for page queue query
48bf5894 Fix typos
30498d2d Fix regex
1027266c Disable unhelpful messages when already added vote to item
d6d656e5 Rename signVote() to SignVote()
c255645b Limit dev_mode to appending only one tag at a time
87f5545f Add #scratch #known and #meta to dev_mode tokens
bfa9b50b Fix bug causing #changelog items still being added to docs in dev_mode
291a1a00 Improve message displayed when title token found
4856e38f Remove commented out function
b055c176 Get rid of gt character which snuck into profile.js
f58b2f18 Finished loading message: add some decimals to seconds count
753e1331 Add chain_sequence as an item attribute
77d6c586 Improve formatting of build messages printed
ee359aab Improve parsing of name from public key
1685e351 Add "done" message to end of
7442bed5 Add archive/ dir to .gitignore
937cc38b Add basic Makefile
051aef34 Add stats_footer_ssi.template
396ab63a Improve clock_ssi.template to display fallback value
33d2b2b7 Improve 401 page template, with more understandable message
9cd26e3d Add template for when Profile feature is not available
5f18a03e Escape title before displaying in item attributes
e217a628 Add long_message.template, cut out of write.template
7b2e6476 Improve keyboards
ce866100 Create three separate frame templates for three separate keyboards
c0366d17 Remove todo comment
43c9f193 write.js: Adjust wording and whitespace
68e3c16f Profile: Call ShowAdvanced() after adding controls
4e11f71d Improve loading indicator
f5193955 Update ssi defaults
91c88f76 Update doc/
da29f2aa Add motd template for
2ac9c17b Add to contrib/
c550ae79 update idea config
79aa1034 add htmlspecialchars() to mimic php's
773853e1 Clean up
69a2a04d Issue warning when SSI and PHP are both enabled
deb68b10 Add option to include footer with stats using SSI module
bd5e1461 Improve title of 401 page
855ee97f Rename rebuild to rebuild_dev to emphasize use scenario
b4264451 Alias update all to import
481121cf Remove inappropriate code
41bfb0fd Fix bug in str_replace()
4f8993c6 Add menu_bottom default setting
cc3fb7aa Update pre-made config for shitmyself
d19d429a Remove #todo from jswarning.template
5bdd501e Clean up getUserFp()
39791373 Remove completed todo
08af66ab Change target of event add form
0fe2254a Clean up old commented code
e17b714e Add comments in
409c6c42 After access.log is processed, remove unused hashes from log/processed.log
f36f9c1e Clean up logging tokens code; Add admin/logging/record_access_log_hash support
07e8d107 If post message request has unknown parameters, add them to mesage as-is
dce359b1 Clean up and allow passing access.log path as parameter
3f01a9a0 Fix typo in
7e85860c Exclude changelogs from dev_mode actions
00b7e684 Reinstate deletion of server to user messages after first retrieval
7551c5a1 Hide <hr> elements for browsers which support CSS
615d95eb 404 submissions: Ignore query string when checking for file existence
593e0f15 Clean up deop code and match php version
f8c688bd Clean up logging
0f19ac95 Add port of file_exists() to perl
4ddf20cb Fix bug in dev_mode #todo code
d03f98da Clean up hashtag parsing code
8fd46bb3 Clean up hashtag parsing code
e00ac368 Add check for existence of textarea to coin button
511593de Add hints on profile page ;
096765e4 Fix problematic debug output in settings.js
9bd85da6 Minor changes to timestamp.js
6cd56fc1 Add to brainstorm.txt
d78923da Improve debug logging
adc1d1e7 Ignore HEAD requests when parsing
0b8bf1e0 Rename MakeAddedTimeIndex()
7f912565 Improve table of item attributes
cdb1c81e Include different types of timestamp when choosing item's timestamp
96bc3900 Add option to debug JavaScript with console.log()
c6e965fa Name GetProfilePage() and add timestamp.js to page
239fc79d Refactor and clean up token processing
939713bc Slight refactoring in MakePage()
6dea1e6a Fix bug with tag page lazy-generation
8af8fad9 Add default setting for dev_mode=0
b947ec46 DBAddItemPage() - improve header comment and add sanity check
cfe0fc6e DBAddItemPage() - improve header comment and add sanity check
3f0e244f Fix call to DBAddItemPage()
731335e6 Add support for #example and #remove tokens
373cf754 Add tokens for dev_mode: #todo, #brainstorm, #bug
4a32ebbc Improve title generation, re-introduce titles for single-line items
9308d4f7 Escape regex patterns when replacing #config tokens with message
a6612953 Improve regex for config token detection (non-greedy)
ac685fd4 Remove #upgrade_now token provision in token parsing phase
de757fbe Continue adding %hasToken
ca9ac039 Clean up GetIndexPage()
a0aa17bf Remove unused %replyFooter
2c9e5558 Update doc
1f3a1892 Add %hasToken in IndexTextFile
95620163 Add condition for no page number to GetIndexPage()
91629c7f Change page title for index pages
86c43547 Remove extra paren, add debug output, clean up whitespace
aec50aee Clean up whitespace
1a737e91 Change end of line replacement method to more compatible one
d1854b2b Improve str_replace()
cda87b79 Add check for author last seen time and only display if exists
35fe616b Integrate GetReplyForm()
2ffa2cdd Add GetReplyForm()


; $authorLink; c0517e6a; reply(2); flag; approve;

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