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Software Updated to Version ee233f78..

Software Updated to Version ee233f78..

Installed software version has changed from eda0570c.. to ee233f78..

ee233f78 Add to documentation
c9e893b9 Add provision for public keys with email address
bcf8c1ce Escape HTML entities in alias when generating avatar
426d91df Add debug output to SqliteQuery2()
89354418 Use MakeSimplePage() to generate several more pages
10221089 Use MakeSimplePage() to generate help page
38173d10 Add MakeSimplePage()
ba68969c add help to default generated menu
22d0d14a Add some clarifying comments to timestamp.js
95ee788f No longer using title attribute for storing timestamp value
462fa0b7 Read proof hash from chain.log
2941c2b5 update todo
88d53031 Replace usage of @_ with a named variable
6f806c30 Remove second call to MakeAddedIndex()


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