Software Updated to Version 6f4afa51..

Software Updated to Version 6f4afa51..

Installed software version has changed from d926006d.. to 6f4afa51..

6f4afa51 Merge branch 'master' of
dcb3197d update bug
4bd7f5ec Remove lighttpd support
1d50993d Remove function causing error in NN3
fbb3c4bd Fix bug with missing index.html when using lazy pages
dd3b4b8b Cleanup
cec8db61 Cleanup and comment GetFileHashPath()
4c826151 Add sanity checks to MakePath()
eae62742 Add comments EscapeShellChars()
9cf2afdc Add sanity check for guid in GetWindowTemplate2
d7c50aa6 Minor cleanup in
1fc39e72 Add template for strip metadata checkbox for upload form
02736f55 Update doc (minor formatting/typos)
27c614b2 Add another hack to ensure index.html is always written
b950eb9f Improve titlebar_with button
decc7a50 Remove chain.log after archiving with
fad89788 Minor improvements to hashtag parsing in
f452b4ce Add clarity to admin imprint notice
4cfdf0c2 Clean up and add comments in GetAvatar()
67977074 Change behavior of More button and remove More button from write form
e4262cd8 Change order of color substitution in color filler
acdcb1e4 Improve titlebar button handling in GetWindowTemplate2()
441ed502 Improve titlebar button handling in GetWindowTemplate2()
e1127d15 Don't copy default to config when dev_mode
b4509994 Add sanity check and fallback for GetMyVersion()
ad89ab32 Add to doc
b07e28f7 Add <hr> at the end of author_info.template
8b5cb014 Minor comment change in post.php
412c19a1 Get rid of More link on Write form for now...
4e1f24af Change #todo to #backlog in utils.js
56980494 Factor out GetDvorakKey() and integrate translit.js with frame keyboard
3be02aad Add comments in ShowTimestamps() and timestamp.js
2689ef8d One less gt symbol in sha512.js
ba2f16f7 Add Less/More toggle to More button; Revert to not setting the change permanently
8e975356 Profile: Fix missing "load from file" control; Also add some debug and comments
99ef4960 Remove todo comment in fresh.js
41b8a7b6 Improve comments in DraggingInit()
de090da8 Add color placeholder to news theme css
4fc18a5b Add some colors to news theme
a3f49350 Add some comments in
47598591 Add some comments in
4a44d38a route.php: Add a sanity check in HandleNotFound()
a4bd94b2 route.php: add comments in TrimPath()
942b7fec Improve russian disclaimer
a91ca9e1 Rename PutConfig() to SetConfig() in
92d6b940 Add begin/end comments to tag_listing_empty.template
b3c80184 Add search keyword for #title/title: token parsing in
1192c35f Cleanup in and add a todo
0b3ba847 Add PushFileToHosts() and argument reader to call it
86204568 Add logging and end-of-sub comment to PushItemsToHost()
ee4fad8e Cleanup in PullItemFromHost()
b4cd9aa0 Improve PushItemToHost()
feb6f1b4 Remove redundant %SCRIPTDIR definition in (already gets defined in
8a9c9c2c GetTimestampWidget: Return empty string when timestamp doesn't make sense
e4548a54 Add russian terms of service
7d1a3b2a Improve english disclaimer
92ebb761 add strip_exif upload.php default
de339310 update idea config
761fde6c Add mosaic_friendly config template
25918873 Remove extra whitespace in profile.js
de904afe Add to contrib
8325e9b3 Clean up post.php
7afc5fdd Improve ShowTimestamps(), add support for weeks, months, and years
36b8706c Clean up getUsername2() in profile.js
cbbfeb0d Finish implementing code for detecting Ctrl+Enter keypress and pressing submit button when it happens
e2dea53b Fix typo in (eq vs ==)
8c6d1129 Fix typo in (eq vs ==)
ff05928f Use event loop flag instead of calling EventLoop() in settings.js
f64d6205 Add comment in crypto2.js
58cace3a Move injection of OnLoadEverything() to InjectJs()
09dc1a1f Move injection of OnLoadEverything() to InjectJs()
32b7d501 Add comment in
1a0bcf9a Add caching to getUsername() in crypto2.js
51b8d180 Improve handling of 401 template for .htaccess
485eaf5a Improve debug messages in settings.js
0e20db51 Fix typo in utils.js that caused js error when debug enabled
479b72e7 Improve readability of account verification code
6a254154 Update summary pages when admin changes
a134694a Add stats.html to HandleNotFound() in route.php
a135feee Add option to strip image metadata in upload.php (not yet functional)
4a8cc452 Improve StoreServerResponse() in utils.php
620390d0 Improve operator manual and update work log
4c7deb6f Add option for htaccess write or not, 1 by default for compatibility with older versions
9543e668 Add fake untaint to pacify -T and #todo to add actual verification
d27578ca Minor cleanup in (change " to ')
ea53aeec DBGetAuthorItemCount() improve sanity and add return value
d01c5206 Add spanStripMetaData to upload form
c3995490 Fix regex cheatsheet
092630a5 Add return to EnsureSubdirs()
2efc62f0 Add response cache subdir to @dirsThatShouldExist
5c982a4b Minor refactor and cleanup in utils.js
4828f23f Add comment in loading_end.js
fd9f5f79 Cleanup default.css
73350b05 Change comment (remove todo)
a027382b Make stats pages if admin is changed
c69a6619 Make summary pages if new admin is set
3e65073a Add utils.js to pages which didn't have it so that the clock works
9c4331dc Cleanup in
67d5fc4d Optimize and cleanup in GetTagsPage()
2eb7d394 Optimize GetTagsPage()
3e5e9144 Improve %SCRIPTDIR sanity check in
2eb2e0c0 Cleanup in
66e318d6 Add topmenu titlebar color to lisonok8 theme
901ecf46 Start on ConvertSubmitsToButtonsWithAccessKey()
3a3e91b3 Write some of ctrl+enter code for textboxes
ca5b3d8d Verify SetCookie() worked with GetCookie()
2ee1b858 Update todo.txt
2ea17bce Reinstate WriteMenuList()
aadeb372 Change order returned by DBGetItemReplies() to order hastext items first
c10aee1e Add sanity check to DBGetItemReplies()
a0f55f09 Cleanup
f8485610 fallback check for missing index.html
63f53451 Add sanity check in route.php
15fb4f77 Remove todo
13e0e034 Improve doc
9bd8f2ae Improve menu list handling, make whitespace-separated instead of \n -separated
145115f5 Cleanup
7604ad67 Add some search keywords
6c9ae159 Cleanup in route.php
fc611e09 Remove border from #serverResponse in friday29 theme
90966485 Template hide/close button caption in titlebars
094615cf Refactor filling in of window color in templates
8036ca0e Add
008298bd Improve data page generator sub
cc79a610 Improve comments and clean up
0fd58dc8 Refactor FillThemeColors()
beb08f93 Update doc
0c816df0 Shorten title_length_cutoff default
5aa55155 Refactor item.template in friday29 theme
6808aebd Change caption of file_path item attribute
9685bf7c Add data to menu list default
fb9f75fc Move access log related defaults to new location
0e00cbc5 Refactor generation of php files
ebe3403e Add comment
31382f46 Cleanup in
ad1eca66 Group access_log configs
fa3d3df4 Clean up in
b8c877d9 Update comment for title length cutoff
827264a9 Alias html/theme to them
f7eb1830 Merge GetWindowTemplate() and GetWindowTemplate2()
c69475eb Add css1.template
5b158b63 Add/improve theme colors
56a9157e Improve data page
05cf30d1 Remove vouch/ token support from route.php
fee2140d Improve HideLoadingIndicator() handling in OnLoadEverything()
9c8b10da Add dev config template default
2808097c Add to image tagset
c1a0cbc6 Check in idea stuff for whatever
71c12f23 Add sanity check when templating crypto2.js
4ca3a03f Use SqliteQuery3() for DBGetItemAttribute()
e3396922 Include timestamp in sqlite3 cache
9963a206 Cleanup


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