Software Updated to Version d926006d..

Software Updated to Version d926006d..

Installed software version has changed from 088481ae.. to d926006d..

d926006d Add utils.js to some pages
c6737b8a Add sanity checks to DBGetItemAttribute()
5403687b Add coments in
0e9c15cb Add SqliteQuery3() call
6fc9d7f0 Cleanup in
23fd6c80 Add border around class=content elements in lisonok8 theme
3958a421 Add comments in route.php
3797242b Add fallback for alias lookup in route.php
f12b1c60 Remove extra whitespace in window/standard template
48f17b54 Add double-quotes around color attributes in HTML
89cb8fec Set alias_lookup php default to 1
8e538b68 add to doc
a008ee70 Change tag_positive color in chicago theme
a50ce1ed Add theme colors to chicago and union themes
5fe7a1ee Clean up in
e6668959 Add SqliteQuery3()
2915c3f3 Clean up in
95d10cd0 Make loading indicator not take up whole page width
1547dc6e Add missing space in loading_end.js
91b4a090 Improve titlebar hide/close button
9b50984a Set default "color not found" color to bright green instead of red
5745fba3 Clarify comment in route.php
1c637b84 Remove unnecessary call to CheckIfFresh()
805f3160 Cleanup in keyboard_a template
bed4638f Remove gt character from utils.js
2d6cd124 Minor improvements in utils.js OnLoadEverything()
2b69a0e4 Remove gt character from dragging.js
eadd96b2 Improve/add sanity checks and clean up in InjectJs()
2d92b1ba Improve processing of missing theme color
c8109af5 Remove use of item-mini template for simplicity
1c00b81b Hide titlebar [x] button until it works well
1db9dc2f Fix bug with #config token
e6334469 Improve and recaption hide/show links in titlebar
27677aa5 Add js files to route.php
013a4d3d Change default for notification bar timestamp reuse
31b53255 Add to fortune list default
c9346e87 Improve item display; Improve titlebar with roll up button
71513379 Minor updates to doc
c1094460 Add caption to tags list in attributes
ab3207e6 Replace border element from textarea because it caused jumpies
4e45f0a2 Relegate clock timer to main event loop
6313272a Add basic CollapseWin() to utils.js
86e31a18 Improve windows, add x button, refactor item.template
b19adf3d Remove extra whitespace
c8fd1704 Add some paths to route.php
d8d20984 Cleanup, improve comments and logging
e0b9042f Improve brevity of goodbye message
d811e359 cleanup in voting.js
ca60923d x
e5456ef3 accessibility or compatibility?
26722b53 Improve comments
c9d83d19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
007e4149 Clock improvements:
ae04dd26 Remove javascript-based force_profile implementation (unfair to js-on users)
30ea75a9 Alias anything in config/html to just config
f64d9a72 Add some comments
2be78e92 Don't reply #meta for dev_mode tokens
f329d75b Add
4cc1ef6a Rename to _dev, to say that it should be run with care
6f17a765 Fix package names in apt command
fffc6d1f Add taint mode to
420cb65d Improve readability and add untaints
9ed35751 fix installation on raspbian
3c4310bb Add comments
61b3e3c2 Fix bug with missing profile page from "Go to profile"
5df0d096 Add code block to separate post.html page gen
46f2e9f3 Remove unnecessary use threads
76695b71 Add WriteIndexPages() back to process until it can be removed without impacting page freshness
4df179fc Remove inline style attributes in test.template
e8d42c2a Improve stopword list
6aaf9a12 Add templates for widgets to come
8f8a8f1d Add js_status.template
02ee97dc GetWidgetExpand() if sanity check fails, do not output unless debug mode
8b99c87b Integrate GetMessageCacheName()
80f17799 Remove #approve from list of permissioned (for now)
0b79b307 Cleanup and minor improvements in token first-pass parse
af1b4d65 Fix untaint bug in (variable was untainted after being used, not before)
6e1bf8cb Add dialog_heading color to lisonok8 theme
0d3d6d28 Readme text edits
25883875 Improve WriteLog() output
8c3ed8d7 Improve if statement readability
4b06decc Improve installer script and rename to
1397a855 Remove symlink
69303786 Rename to indicate it's generally a dev script
7d8b9aa0 Add document.title js debug mode
f2d5beb6 Add more sanity to AddAttributeToTag()
2b19764b Add require_once()
dd36cb24 Improve lisonok8 theme
1ee11700 Improve lisonok8 theme
0fc03e35 Improve avatar compatibility
f5ffc711 Reduce textarea styling to make NN4 happy
1a239913 AddAttributeToTag() don't add duplicate attribute
82876563 Add basic sqlite stuff for php in utils.php
aa7f607b Cleanup
df54dc2c Fix bug in assist_show_advanced
5b8e75b1 Add support for alias_lookup
7b6b6110 Add support for route_random_update
358855d7 Cleanup and improve logging
1d7b5fef Replace incompatible syntax in fresh.js
0be3cb63 Add placeholder for submitting write form via ctrl+enter
e2b1e253 Remove link to txt file from item templates since the link is now available from Item Attributes
5d05ef3b Reduce avatar styling, mainly for compatibility with NN4
79744cf4 Remove hard-coded border:0 from all the titlebars
b92a14be Add admin/php/route_random_update
5962ee5e Add link to file in item attributes
be23ff0c Make textareas inset in chicago theme
2524e8b3 Improve lisonok8 theme
92793f9d Add MakePath() and remove dependency on File::Path
796c2945 Improve profile form
baf15dc1 Add anyone_can_approve default
7ead62c8 Don't resize clock to reduce jumpies
c690c050 Add top stopword list
7fa19ce9 Add php alias_lookup default
e4cef727 Add to scratch.doc
522f95c8 Add to brainstorm doc
f5560038 Cleanup
119da834 Minor cleanup
660de5ac Integrate lazy page gen into BuildTouchedPages()
84afc061 Add GetItemListingHtml()
65939cd4 Improve %isAdmin logic
07f96f23 Integrate GetMessageCacheName()
39bb061d Cleanup and improve debug logging
5eb86d25 Change variable name
316d0d4c Improve lisonok8 theme
2e23ba96 Rename GetAdminKey() to GetRootAdminKey()
14101caa Add GetMessageCacheName()
f45c2cd2 Turn item listings into 3-column
ae356210 Add extra spacing before Add Tags box
8f7e28d3 Rename css templates from .template to .css
e95ab8a2 Improve lisonok8 theme
6445d648 Reduce frequency of timestamp updates
3bdb2287 Add debug output to route.php
2aeaf57a Fix typo
b79fbc9e Change "Operator" to "Root" on stats page
3992de5f Put stats after settings in menu
99620c59 MakeChainIndex() : add debug output; add non-importing option
2a108acf Remove fatal warnigs
4e80dc46 Add index pages to summary pages for now (so that it works)
686985bd Integrate IsTextFile()
0f53141e Add IsTextFile()
5daa66c5 Rename GetAdminKey() to GetRootAdminKey()
841471f9 Clean up
f46504b9 Add sanity check to RemoveHtmlFile()
e7aad6fb Add
fe885a7c Call DBDeletePageTouch() after MakePage() is done
06d5a23a Clean up MakePage()
e11aaf8d Clean up MakePage()
57847c67 Get GetPagePath()
5b222cce Add missing write_php.js to pages with reply form
9b457cd0 Add untaint when generating changelog
cfc0e9ab Add vanilla-todo to contrib
a68fa59e Update doc
6791c48f Add query/
fadbb382 Rename "last" settings to "touch"
62365c05 Add admin/php/assist_show_advanced setting
4b566d77 Add buttons.css to contrib
1e0507f2 Duplicate show_advanced setting to cookie (settings.js)
8948c81a Cleanup in settings.js
c8c42a20 Use separate LocalStorage container for vote records
4abd5a0d Add green approve tags to lisonok8 theme
7a7b8a89 Allow item list to appear on welcome page
1179de4b Add assist for javascript ShowAdvanced() on php side
9befb9d6 Add placeholder for item list in welcome template
e31a8a01 Remove from manual about remove tokens
be1afabb Add to doc
c3378341 Rename GetItemList() to GetItemListHtml()
51087a20 Untaint image count
e7b4d0c7 Improve "More" widget insertion into item template
4935b05f Fix typo
cf52f865 Add sub GetItemList() and factor out of GetIndexPage()
7a7e1a53 Add to readme
4abe669b Return to writing every change in changelog to changelog announcement
ac6e0dbf Do not issue pubkey ping on pages except profile
d959bf87 Add green color to tag-approve
98f7b7c6 Add placeholder for More button in item-mini and item-small
fb261d4c Change unfocused textarea border style
d270d865 Add new default for OMG
6dadf0c8 Add to contrib
261fa0a3 Update doc
343e54fb Remove New Topic button from top items page
9f63570c Improve more/expand widget
6003c34d Store last update time in cache instead of config
f20f9b3c Return placeholder if sanity checks failed in timestamp widget
1b765c44 Remove hashtags from detokened message
3715d48b Make upload multi form discoverable
1fdab31a Add hard-coded accelerator link to more button in topmenu
4244aa7b Try to expire author's avatar cache when receiving #admin tag
48f89729 Add sanity check
2759e05d Set textarea border size to prevent change when focused
5da4e3dc remove print
fe4d9cd3 Basic multi-upload accept
19dea306 Fix bugs with lazy gen selection
4ec63464 Only write index pages once an hour to save effort
c4304c48 Cleanup and improve comments
71fcd5b7 GetWindowTemplate()
d8c70497 add notes to list of meta tags
8643be79 set index_file_on_post default 1
3333bc8b add item_attribute strings
22be9d39 Add string lookup to item attributes table
1f1ae34a Update doc
999942c7 Improve token permission tree validator to be less hard-coded to admin tag
1e84a8d5 Add puzzle tag to solved puzzles
01c5dfa5 Update name of script
e6db449c Shorten version change announcement
f4d78fec Fix bug in TrimPath() if file has no extension
0be25356 Add search keywords in comment
c631fa0a Don't try to print values if they are undefined
4e0de88e Don't try to print values if they are undefined
24ab52d1 Taint adjustment
ec575666 Improve chicago style
f4969775 Improve chicago style
0273a0b3 Add isset()
2bf35fb0 Improve message clarity ("Jon has registered")
1417d316 Remove confusing checkbox
3f4243c0 Remove confusing checkbox
88e3212c Change index pages default limit to 100
15d12503 Add cache check to IndexTextFile() and don't index again
78470a9c Add cache check to IndexImageFile() and don't index again
5d7b979f Add AuthorHasTag() and integrate into IsAdmin()
8066efcd Add sanity check to PutCache()
bd2988fc Move ProcessTextFile() to
a105b5f7 Add PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL;
c70c21bd Remove checkbox
01f5d1a6 Fix border color in chicago theme
85740611 Untaint tainted variable
23975949 -T
c489a425 Add -T (taint mode) to
83d8b533 -T
b8a00f4d improve chicago colors
d4e2ed3a Improve author_info.template
25d0d465 Fix whitespace in user_reg.template
ac7f331d Add default=1 for admin/token/alt
e9543e84 Add lightnion to contrib
32281ebc IDEA stuff
b3fec8df Add untaint in
e766c482 Fill colors in author info template
64dd3d83 Add %colorDialogHeading to FillThemeColors()


; $authorLink; 38cef889; reply(17); flag; approve;

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