Software Updated to Version 7c13c3ec..

Software Updated to Version 7c13c3ec..

Installed software version has changed from 4e4c8c27.. to 7c13c3ec..

7c13c3ec experimental success notifications next to voting buttons
796f3063 when --all is specified, ignore shallow update limits
f3d19b27 add item as child to author's pubkey ; clean up
1f5e7b4c add utils where it is needed for notification display
ecc8f304 add placeholder for quote token
ffbcab07 begin more compatible keyboard
434ab7ba trailing spaces remove
8e9717a6 add header and footer to scriptinject.template
6f619a7c add / and /index.html to HandleNotFound paths ; add WriteLog('') to the end of route.php ; remove old comments
7a74bcbc improve displayNotification()
a9ee8419 allow sharePubKey to be passed a "this" where to anchor the notification
86f91c91 add to scratchpad
8e1c9b3b fix header/footer in item.template
b5876a1e adjust width of loading indicator
07cc2fc8 remove incompatible operators (=== and !==) ;
9c7c4612 update todo
8b594b95 'Anonymous' avatar fallback
ebb2c7e3 improve WriteMessage()


; $authorLink; 38acb8fc; reply(4); flag; approve;

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