Software Updated to Version 088481ae..

Software Updated to Version 088481ae..

Installed software version has changed from f393304c.. to 088481ae..

088481ae Limit rss to 200 items
dc2efd17 Simplify light mode page
722579a1 Fix typo on welcome page
e91a537d SetElementVisible() Only change borders for inline elements
d020ed42 Focus reply field when requested via #reply in URL
18f92499 Improve formatting
551abf22 Make running epoch clock look nicer
89f3b0ef No decoration in titlebars
8e2a7200 Move clock template to new location (widget)
97d2ba72 Simplify light mode page
79999f9e Add maincontent to stats page
510f262c Taint mode
4a579e27 Update doc
5d2d80bd Improve fonts in chicago theme
39a622f5 change default http auth realm
0482837b Adjust colors and make links in menubar not underlined
9386efdf remove upload from menu_advanced (already in menu)
2620277e rename rewrite.choices to rewrite.list
ac44aea2 Touch item which has been voted on
2acc7983 Add GetAccessKey() and integrate into GetMenu()
b54e3918 Small improvements
db26f515 Improve logging in AddAttributeToTag()
def0bb97 Change character in avatar character set to less wide one
bf798996 Rename avatar-username
689d7c51 Fix old path in ExpireAvatarCache()
b9bde501 Add debug output to UnlinkCache()
61b57c63 Rename avatar-username.template and indent
c4b703e8 Add nobr to avatar template
33ef5d1b Update config.php
0011cc32 Add comment
62fc04c4 Change client fingerprint to also use cookie: token
86568204 Re-order avatar template and add gradient to icon
d0401536 Move avatar to top of author info table
bd502d09 Sanity check
1ad2780d Basic secret generation if missing
1526fa51 Update token name
bd154c71 New way to disable fresh.js loop
23e9ba98 Add sanity check
de850caf Update comment doc in translit.js
3872dd97 Improve status indication during puzzle solving
ca02a0ee Add avatar.css
8f4dc337 add antonym and synonym list
ca32b40b add admin, author, and verified colors to chicago theme
6e40ac34 rename to memphis
84c397c2 remove search string
85991d3a integrate ExpireAvatarCache()
ef3447c6 add gpg key long variable
a0f9ebeb Cleanup and sanity
131c9e73 Clarify message
98aec314 Add declaration %aliasHtmlEscaped
58a8e329 Improve GetAvatar()
b59473e6 Add debug output to puzzle.js injection
179fab01 Draft warning reporting
544cd078 GetItemTagsSummary() add sanity check and WriteLog()
237efa43 Improve ExpireAvatarCache()
13b64ac1 Add more crap to
0fa673c0 Improve theme appearance
1b9c0661 Rename config from color_avatars to avatar_icons
840563f4 Move GetAvatar() to
04e791cc Add clarity in
956bf703 Improve avatar styling
c868a7f7 Improve avatar cache path generating
76d93929 Add gpg_fingerprint and gpg_alias item parameters after pgp parse
e7477647 Update doc
afc003c6 Update doc
dfc89627 Update doc
94216c87 Add todo in itsyou.js
f7fc19be Change order of parameters in GetWindowTemplate(), perl
3f457c62 Return oldest timestamp, not newest, in DBGetAddedTime()
45ef5708 Add to list of tables scanned when item deleted
de8ab9be Change order of params for GetWindowTemplate(), php
2faef3b9 Add --all argument option to
1747f859 #admin and #approve permissions tree
4274e446 Refactor lazy page generation selector
7887e2a7 Rename vote to tag
6cc3cd8c Add comment
e9d5dc3b Give btnSolvePuzzle its id
117d6ae3 puzzle.js: Improve friendliness
72e6a490 image.template: change default width from 420 to 640
d188f2d4 write_js.template: add description to header
30807eba Remove vote buttons placeholder from reply.template
61a51b6c Removed unused defaults
f8b2aa9e Add default access.log glob list
507a4c9b Add default access.log glob list
9b7e7d4f set no default username color
582acb51 Undo dependency
58a02a2f Fix typo
622569e4 Improve logging
b0d0a7fb Remove too much highlighting
e8a72748 Improve avatar de-caching
c6526a0b Add 5-second sleep to
08c0e57b Cleanup
2b0b2e26 Cleanup
b20f80e7 Improve avatar caching, retrieval, and de-caching
8df4d713 Add to ExpireAvatarCache()
17af3bd1 Improve debug logging in IsAdmin()
9574988e Improve GetAvatar() and GetAlias() caching options
35b7c2a6 Add utils.js to settings page
587df07d Update doc
f45d2aa8 EventLoop(): improve timing.
a22b0d87 Fix typo, SettingsOnLoad() should work now
d2f5d5a6 Cleaning up in settings.js
1c76acb0 add comment in default.css
5c494753 Fix extra space in timestamp links
d17c3562 Fix bugs and add sanity checks in str_replace()
ddd4d8c9 Adjust how frequency of event loop is calculated
bb16caa0 add default/license/* settings
32e8d6e0 Add more licenses, rename mit_formatted
1c4990fa Improve AddAttributeToTag()
27c73062 Basic frontend for multi-file upload
6f243e4f Improve AddAttributeToTag()
2881da15 Add str_ireplace()
d5a5fda4 make more button in top menu sticky (via setprefs)
b54ee20c Clarify debug output
18627426 Add search page to OnLoadEverything()
959be754 Add OnLoadEverything() to read and search pages
0ca92bac Fix and integrate PutConfig() in php
f473c4c9 profile.template: add more layering of beginner vs expert
1f56fe7a Add debug output
277c3b6e Fixx duplicate call detector in RedirectWithResponse()
2e547482 Add debug output to RetrieveServerResponse()
6ab3f110 Improve loading indicator
fad6f3e9 Set eventLoopShowTimestamps on in OnLoadEverything()
e912513f Remove call to EventLoop(), it's called somewhere else
9ab724d5 Add to doc
cdd8ec2b IndexFile() add debug output
5870dcd6 #config token: validate supplied config key with ConfigKeyValid() before applying
4753b267 IndexTextFile() add debug output
c870cd46 IndexTextFile() integrate ExpireAliasCache() and add debug output
fbb60ad2 ExpireAliasCache() add debug output
3d882a2a str_replace() improve debug output
27e63cf9 str_replace() improve debug output
5c89bdde str_replace() improve debug output
9c3386b1 PutConfig() add sanity checks
5812521f ConfigKeyValid() : add sanity check
1c3f85e7 Allow multiple arguments
4f4ae35f Add sanity check to BuildTouchedPages()
024bb827 Add GetItemTemplateFromHash()
3ccf63ec Change message displayed when user has not marked anyone as #friend
2f55d7cf Cleanup in route.php
2758d815 Update manual
0ff10d6d If placeholder page encountered, try to generate it on the fly
b793b4ca add to templates
5b50e9a4 Update doc
07527301 Rename list/horoscope to encourage
a075686b Only focus compose field on write page
e6b0c527 Improve help.template
078b41d7 Integrate ProcessAllAccessLogsInConfig() in
d22a8ffc Disable item expansion until bugs fixed
8cd69547 Add debug output to str_repeat
07114159 Add %headerFooter in (for adding parameters to items)
db59763d Add ProcessAllAccessLogsInConfig()
a32fa400 Cleanup and tidying up
464d8855 Cleanup and tidying up
a877dedf Add sanity check
4958c276 Add license templates
db4b5f53 Comment out debug logging in utils.js
580b0441 Make notify_on_change default to 1 (js)
31fd7821 Settings.js: remove self-spawning in favor global timer
ad912aa7 fresh.js: Rate-limit recent checks to 3000;
d1134153 fix typo
0b804ee8 More sanity in puzzle accept code
a7da604c More sanity in puzzle accept code
7308f4b1 declare %authorHasTag
88be9b51 Add to doc
40e36504 Cleanup and comments
c80df0ee Exclude stats-footer from relativize urls
a16e356d add document.title debug method
4564bb67 Improve EventLoop()
e8886b8f fix bg with timestmp display in fresh.js
e794c06c add document.title js debug method
2b93d1bd Remove OrganizeFile() from (moved to utils)
0ee030b5 Add some DBAddPageTouch() calls in
5e695490 Add OnLoadEverything() to Tags page
b94ecc9f Rename last_admin_action to latest_admin_action
dc2c2d84 De-couple from
d132342c Add code for reply_form_after_reply_list
e2a0756e Integrate OnLoadEverything()
d48b29ef Add EventLoop() provision to fresh.js
370b5b3b Add dragging.js mvp
5eaacf1a Add defaults for reply form position
9a6aa113 Add indicator.js
44bf6096 Some new defaults
40d6bb8a Add @itemParents and @tokensFound ; Refactor some of the token parsing ;
ada4dae7 Cleaning up and IndexTextFile() in particular
8c0a50aa Integrate OrganizeFile()
864d6ac0 Cleaning up
828146f4 Remove unused include
4f769310 Add OrganizeFile()
cda1f288 Add toggle for IsAdmin() looking up admin permissions in tag list (allow_admin_permissions_tag_lookup)
5a4a03fe IsAdmin(): allow lookup from tag list
f7085e1d improve sanity
41e27391 update todo
f3096de7 Update known txt
e17e8dcf Add to brainstorm doc
4ad7d7b8 Add to brainstorm doc
aac6709f Improve stylesheet for news theme
f1598811 Add IndexTextFile() and MakePage() wrappers to utils.php
a4bd70fb Add todo tag
322ee2fe Add read and search pages to routes
c58cd725 Add theme.list
b08fca03 Add some new default settings...
564e8571 Change caption of Search form
10d35a04 Fill in algo_select_mode when generating crypto2.js
34b36df4 Add more pages to list generated with --summary and GetSummaryPages()
c9d5e641 Change message on user page if user is admin
2a4951d2 Make default admin color more agreeable with different background colors
13b7219e Add theme color recent_timestamp / %colorRecentTimestamp
028c3063 If Operator is named Operator, omit prefix in footer
53203138 Remove redundant link
9f2065c6 Keyboard frame size adjust
dfe146f7 Increase font size in keyboard_a
b03902cb utils.js: OnLoadEverything extra feature check and spacing
c05d9484 Do not display extra notification if vote counted and counter incremented visibly
df6947b2 Add post for long messages (if pho is enabled) to reply forms.
ca5e5d9b Add reporting feature to
f7507523 Add image preview in upload selector
b148713e Add image preview in upload selector
d839e8c2 Remove indicator clock format until it's finished
e0393d68 Skeleton for verify token
0f35968b Update test.template
bd8035bd Add logging to post.php
cf156e8b Add recent_timestamp color to news theme
57d57c33 Port js debug type to php
0b88a16e Reinstate "alreaedy voted" client-side messages
a8ea5cb1 Fix bug with dvorak translit
3ef38631 Cleanup in translit.js
72e72ec7 Reverse timestamp indicator styles (bold vs highlight)
b947f78a Allow SqliteConnect() to recover from failed connection attempt
0893d593 Start writing RelativizeUrls()
e0245588 Improve appearance of verified account
552c8bf3 Start changing second argument of GetWindowTemplate() to id instead of menubar
fce80570 Improve Makefile
35e20b1c Disable use of xhr.timeout until workaround found for Chrome erroring on it
872f54aa set default/admin/signed_can_config to 0
e8f05b8e Make not kill lighttpd
031bce1b Update doc
d7fb158f Temporarily disable memo in GetConfig() for php
b8ae0861 Add placeholder for dynamic server-side themes
9e63c8c2 Cleanup and politeness
af1207ab Add comments in cookie.php
1bdde617 Add default html/debug = 0
88cf9373 add default clock_format.list
aa04ae82 Add default/admin/gpg/algo_select_mode
2aa55679 Change default admin text color to lighter one
b7dbc25b Add skeleton for expand_item_references in GetItemTemplate()
8f6fe04d Fix hide_dashdash_signatures
387191d0 More informative message for solved puzzle
4b96659b Sanity checks and formatting
3021d17e Delete prefs when logging out
0ca8f519 Add Content Filter setting to settings.template
e430eded Improve search template
274777bd Write summary pages after upgrade (mainly for the stats page to update)
c70b2ea6 Add todo
4e0f73b2 Add potential outputting of html comments when html/debug is set
fb113967 Add debug logging to str_replace() (Perl)
68e4a7a5 Add option for %acceptableValues in GetConfig()
7feb62c9 Allow overriding of internal GetConfig() memo
87b4733a Allow for reddit username in avatar
9b31c59b Add EventLoop() skeleton
9bb1d66b Bold timestamps less than 24 hours ago
b6ddaf84 Do not hide operator controls when switching between advanced and intermediate modes.
fd06f346 When expanding, hide other expand elements
b4106b7a Add comments
21f3260f Display openpgp-reported algorithm on advanced profile page
03ad4567 Add algoSelectMode() to crypto2.js
fa6f6640 Remove events from advanced menu
9c554c43 Fix ;
a9497502 puzzle; only append newlines to message if they aren't already there.
1b65d4bf Merge todo
af1e1f6b Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'
153b26ae Merge branch 'master' of
8fff2d42 update todo
57604397 Improve comments, logging, formatting
06045b4c Use item_attribute_latest for DBGetItemAttribute()
1dc72e79 Cleanup, formatting, sanitychecks
cfa59a3c Improve EasyFind feature
045c8d00 Add, integrate GetWidgetExpand()
3919249b Rejigger settings page
34b52d84 Require username=Operator in order to imprint
7aad33bc Ensure archive html/ dir exists before putting chain log into it
f9466bdd Add alternate item.template for friday29 theme
228f42db Add default for menu_include_tags
8731e168 Update docs
cd9c7ecf Add space after function make to make function definition more findable in global search
5662dbab Add option to call from upload.php
c66399be Add hookup for defailt username in route.php
9c759e87 InjectJs: if in debug mode, alert() when there is missing script file
f7268c3c Remove prefilled text on welcome page because it is not easy to replace on Android
3402809c Highlight submit button on upload form after image is selected
d8553246 Add sanity checks in write.js
d4da5fda Make js functions return true; Minor formatting improvements
e62ce050 Make avatar functions return true always
b967d561 make setClock() return true always
33d6881e Add image preview placeholder on upload form
a9cb96e9 Add filter controls
dee3a69e Change timestamp name
aeb98c84 Improve reply form display logic
2813c4d0 Add upload.js template
47db3a70 Adjust formatting
affe25f5 Make all functions return something in attempt to pacify NN3
bd402fa4 Change prefill username to Guest
67a4aff8 Change prefill username to Guest
3c34391b Remove lib/DBD, rely on OS
f8363169 Cleanup
5c5b787c Skeleton for URL token
43ec7504 Add skeleton %authorHasTag
ddc3e1e5 Re-fix bug with #config of value 0
82cd36e2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'
da7b4c7a Fix bug with setconfig and 0 value
c5c9bc36 disable addedtime token
140b0a84 Change shadow color in chicago theme (thanks, anonymous visitor, for the suggestion)
9d092cd2 Change default username
8880c996 Improve redirect logic in post.php
80589f54 Clean up and improve welcome page
d513356f Improve puzzle explanation
a0f67511 Improve fresh.js: Clearer messaging, notify on every page update.
18a5df07 Change default username to Example
de67d9f4 add default for verify token
d525437c add echo-chamber-js to contrib
54c661d7 Merge branch 'master' of
3bf32c97 merge doc
4633c0b1 Remove old task table definition
f8682dc3 Rename page_touch table to task
4afa17b0 Update scratch
0511df77 Add logo_enabled default
a4e81aaa Add ircart repo to contrib
d4870125 Update doc
65699935 Add logo placeholder to topmenu2.template
f7af0154 Improve loading indicator
e65263fd Add english values for 0 and 1
05617784 Clean up debug output
aa0dbe5c Require #meta for other dev_mode tags
c0e27beb Clean up AccessLogHash
0f392b04 Remove stats from settings page, already in footer
b2484925 Add puzzle.js to search page
bbc41571 Fallback for upload page when feature not available
f27dab8d Fix comment formatting
f8256343 Minor cleanup and improvements to topmenu
e56d0f31 Graft tags list into item attributes
91208a97 Rename GenreateDialogPage to GetDialogPage
79157b74 Rename WriteMessage to WriteConfigureMessage() in
09e7a85b Add index_file_on_post ; Fix issue with new file indexing
a5ef9547 Fix light mode logic, add always option
4b189a5a Fix typo...
1ec68d3e Remove temp debug setting
29fc9558 Rename coin feature to puzzle
41ef1ecf Integrate IsImageFile()
3d3c5c8b Idea for progress output
1f603f7d Add IsUrl()
8e6b1cfd Add support for SHA512 token
c0e7426b Improve messaging for accessloghash token
3a918dbf Add progress output for chain import
ffccd818 Reduce shadow in chicago theme
5052373b De-hardcode %scriptDir
ea46e968 Add some defaults
d39a71aa Re-add spanWriteAdvanced to write.template
5e82653f merge meta.txt
aa89c87a update doc
bbc68155 change default setting for admin_imprint to 0


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